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Okay, so, when I said I'd try for an every-other-day-updating scheme, that was evidently too optimistic for my own good. ^^; And yet, here I am. So it's not sll gone to pot.

Back in Oakville again, just got back from the doctor's office. After having gone two weeks ago for my annual. This basically means that the past week, after having received a call from my mother telling me that the results of my pap test require me to return back to the office forthwith have left me in a minor state of "ohshitnowwhat?"

Because really. Getting called back in because of the results of anything can never be good, right? Exactly.

However! It turns out that the girl made a mistake in giving the message that scared half the daylights out of my mother, and it had nothing to do with Rio, and more to do with my internal organs. Namely my liver, which would like to cordially inform you that it is really not very happy with me, thank you very much. In any case, I got several more tubes of blood taken out of me and then was sent off on my merry way. Fun fun.

IN OTHER NEWS: well... actually not much. Next week looks to be of much running around and many shenanigans. I must think of things to do in order to play tour guide around the city of Toronto when I myself am not one well-acquainted with the specifics of the place outside of Chinatown *dork*. This should prove.... interesting. Maybe. Ehehehehe...
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