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As a matter of course...

It's my birthday! :D For another half hour or so anyway. I'm 21. And that's weird.

Tonight was okay. A little low-key, but when have I ever been fun and fabulous? ;p There was dinner with family, I ran around making sure the grandmother didn't try and take any of my jewelry (I love her, but I don't think she knows the meaning of 'belonging' anymore) and that Jonathon didn't break every console I owned. :3 It was also awesome to see that Suki still has her inner goof sitting around.

And besides. I got to eat yummy yummy seafood. At home. And! I was also spared the ritual ripping apart of live crabs that prelude yummy yummy seafood. I can when the occasion calls for it stomach killing stuff to eat it, but I don't have to like it. And crabs burble. Sadly. Into my soul.

I was attempting to watch Good Luck Chuck because Dane Cook and I have a love/hate relationship of hmmhmmhmm, but I apparently pressed Vicki's shutdown button with my mind and so it closed and I'm too lazy to turn it on/sign in again. I've concluded 'twas not meant to be just yet.

I also lack anything new to say. So I am going to stop here and ponder the meaning of life, or at the very least whether or not I have the inclination to watch another movie. :)

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