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Tired!Steph is tired. This could very well stem from the fact that I a) went to bed at 1 after a long exhausting day of trying to make conversation with people, walking around in semi-impractical shoes, being generally happy which is more work than it sounds sometimes, etc. and b) waking up at 4:20 in the morning going "guhhh I is dying and hot". Everyone else gets a fan. I get a thick t-shirt (my fault obviously but I was not expecting a slow-roasting when I fell asleep) and the floor. ;p I died. And then I went and changed into a tank top. Then rolled around on the floor some more until around 5 before I gave up and meandered back to my own room, shoved things aside, and took my place in style on my own mattress once more. With a fan. Bliss. Until I started sniffling, but that's another story.

Suffice to say, despite the fact that I had on or around three hours of sleep, I'm up and I'm sitting and I'm not looking as if I'm going back to bed. Alas for what could have been a perfectly good lazy Sunday morning. :3

In any case, to make things clear, yesterday was my cousin's wedding. :3 So pretty--it was at the church my mom and dad got married at, my aunt and uncle got married at, and my other aunt and uncle got married at. ...And maybe another aunt and uncle got married at (I have a lot of family), but I'm not sure on that point. ^^; I walked in there and went "hoshit, I totally remember having to stand there, right there as the one flower girl (...out of two ;p) who actually managed to stand up throughout the whole ceremony." Or at least I did after I went "dude the flower arrangements look like disguised tentacle monsters/the ooze from the Shivering Isles expansion". Because you know I'm weird like that.

I was also impressed: for a bilingual ceremony, it wasn't that long and it wasn't boring in the least (or at least not to me, my dad admitted to dozing). It was also incredibly sweet--I'm so happy for the both of them. :3

The wedding banquet was held over at the country club. There was the usual--the flurry of dressing, hair, makeup, redressing, re-makeup-ing, running around hunting for that last missing shoe, taking pictures, being taken pictures of... and heck, I wasn't even a major part of the wedding party. ;p The dinner itself was nice--slide shows, emotional and/or funny speeches, the groomsmen being forced to catwalk around the dance floor to "I'm Too Sexy"... even if it felt like forever for each dish to come to the table. ;p

I guess I can't blame the staff too much... it's hard work serving 200+ guests at the same time. Because oh god there were a lot of people there. @.@; A lot of them were friends too, which boggled my mind. That is a lot of friends. A lot of close friends that would be a) invited to the wedding and b) actively take part in helping with said wedding.

;p I'm an antisocial person. Oh I may fool you because I can on occasion strike up a conversation and even more amazingly, maintain one. But one can't just up and away with shyness, it comes back to haunt you like a stray cat with a woebegone face. So if there's opportunity to let someone else field the talking, please by all means. ^^; Besides, I'm ass at maintaining relationships, especially from a distance without some form of frequent communication abilities, awesome and win that I am. Could you imagine my wedding? ;p No way I'd manage three bridesmaids and a maid of honor and still fill up my side of the church with people that aren't family. ;p

And with that... I'm bored (and slightly paranoid of my dad possibly looking over my shoulder at me on LJ) so I'm going to see if Hellgate's working again. :D

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