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It is a strange day indeed when the greatest success of the day happens to be the fact that I actually made onigiri! :D

Yes, the fates did finally align for me to have all the necessary ingredients (read: rice, water, salt, and filling) to make tiny little balls of squishy, ricey deliciousness. I came, I saw, I conquered. I also managed to make my hands really, really sore from ow ow ow hot, but that's another matter. ;p

In other news! The boyfriend and I went on an excursion that started out as an attempt to get his hair cut, and instead turned into a trek to the mall where he spent over an hour buying a new phone and earpiece. And it is cool. Although it boggled my mind because I can still not really believe a phone can cost so much even with a $200 discount. o.o;;

From there, our journey led to Shoppers where we spent over $60 on actually-I'm-not-quite-sure-what-but-it-added-up-to-a-lot, and then to the jewelry store where the boyfriend bought me a necklace. For absolutely no reason whatever. Steph was a little shocked. Because you see, Steph doesn't really ever get given jewelry, especially not expensive jewelry. And then bamf! there she is with a box of shiny in her hand going O.O!

My boyfriend, he spoils me so.

...I made him an onigiri!!! But I don't think that counts as a sufficient thank you, huh? :(

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