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Hello world!

Mmmm, it's like programming all over again. No lights. Glowing screen. My mother in the background telling me to turn that bloody racket down. All my problems being solved by a "dude you missed a semicolon."

Yup. Except I'm not at home and I'm not programming again (thank god), and alas the air conditioning is not as nice as I would wish it to be. But it is dark. Yes. Yes it is.

This would have been a long entry detailing all the things that have happened of late, but it's late (...well, by newly-tuned Steph sleeping times) and I'm tired and I'm in New York.

...Yeah, other people when "bzuh?" too. But that is where I am. And have been. Until tomorrow morning in which case we're zooming off to Boston.

This trip, so far, has been in a word, exhausting. Because there was walking to be done. And Steph wore really heavy shoes. T_T I figured they'd be a bit more comfortable than some of my other shoes high-heeled and strappy as they were, but alas, dressing like a construction worker wasn't the way to go either. So, while I may be able to drop-kick a bull into standard bovine oblivion, the downside is that I've been walking around with several large heavy steel plates in both my shoes.

Where did we go? Well, I have come to the conclusion that when people are away from home, they head directly to that which is familiar. Hence, the ridiculous number of McDonald's and Starbucks. In our case, we gravitated to Chinatown. And having found Chinatown, we patently refused to leave. :3 That, in a word, reads our trip to the Empire State. (I bet you ten gold tomorrow's going to find us Chinatown Boston. Srsly.)

...That's all I can think of now. I'm tired. Exhaustion and pain do not lend themselves well to wit. 'Night from the Big Apple, it's a peaceful one (aside from the fact that our hotel appears to back onto a) a construction b) what looks like a prison/penitentiary and c) an airport way off in the corner... pretty awesome :3). And the peaches are bigger. Chinatown taught me this.

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