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...Okay, so I think all of maybe five people know that I was away from home for the past week. But I was. And now I'm back. And ohgoditfeelssogood.

Not that I didn't enjoy the week. I got to run away to Waterloo again to figure out some stuff re: working and try to help (try being an operative word, I don't know how much good I did) Dan and Colin move into the new place. Which is a pretty nice place, gross carpet aside. Like really. I like it. :)

HOWEVER! The original plan was to stay over for a NIGHT. One! I'd square things up with Joan, possibly help the boyfriend pack up his stuff to haul over to Colin's, and then I'd zip away home. So in a hurry to catch the train, I grabbed two shirts and a pair of pants and promptly ran off into the sunset (or sunrise, as the case may be).

I stayed for a week. A WEEK. T_T Even with several run-ins with the laundry machine it couldn't make the lack of clothes feel any better. D: Especially when I'm helping to move stuff around and getting all sweaty and gross. Gah. But now I'm home and can run around starkers looking for fresh! clean! clothes! <333

Colin and Dan drove me back home yesterday with the initial plan to measure some of our stuff that we didn't want and they could possibly use, then see if it'd all fit in a UHaul or some such. But no, as it is with all well-laid plans, it was consigned to the scrapheap when the words "...This'll actually fit in the car..." were spoken aloud.

What followed was a lot of manly grunting and moving and shoving and tossing about of manly objects in order to dismantle the freezer partway up the stairs while we frail wimminz stood by and offered moral support through the laser cannons of our eyes. Heitor's ability to jack up his wood was called into question. Thinly veiled sexual innuendos were bantered about. My mom joined in (!) and my father didn't (not so !) and Vicki and I just kind of stood there and laughed at it all (not very ! either, we generally make a point not to in front of the parents).

And then we had dinner. :) And it was so very nice for friends of mine to be over that they made a genuine attempt to be nice/sociable/etc. with--I think I can count on one hand the number of people I've had over that they've actually asked to stay over for dinner, for example. I half believe a large part of it was due to the fact that the boys, unlike the rest of us, can eat. Which they did. Manfully, of course.

But but but. School's tomorrow. o.o So before now and then I have half a billion things to get done. So. Ja!

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