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Hurray, I get to be an anime geek again! :D

Well. Kinda. A little. More so than I have been for the past two, three years and counting. Namely because I've started watching Inuyasha again (it was all Jess's fault for finding the movies on TV) in between studying and working.

And after that! (If there is an after that, the series is, what, 200 episodes long? I could never even finish Fullmetal Alchemist, it was too long for me >.>;;) I will, hopefully by the time I get back from class tonight, have the rest of Sailor Moon Stars. :3 Which means I'll have the whole series all to myself, finally, tralalala~ And then I get to watch. And relive my childhood. So ha.

...Yeah. That's my life. That and the fact that I'm currently in class trying to devise a plan to get out of said class and use one of last term's credits to take the place of it if I can. Business Communications sounds a lot like Technical Communications, doesn't it? It just sounds like a class about how to write a proper letter/memo/report and how to make a good presentation. I'll have to ask.

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