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So, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

I don't get why but it is love. Weak, weak show, way too boring in way too many parts, bad plotholes, and Terminators with Storm Trooper Syndrome, but it still holds my interest, even upon second watching. (The sound's ridiculously low and so it's very hard to hear when I play it on the laptop in anything other than near-perfect silence.) Maybe it's the love I have for the four main actors. Maybe because I love potential, and underlying tension between John and Cameron give me fluffy bunny feelings.

I even went browsing through for the first time in a long time in search of fic. :O And that foray wasn't a total failure either, though I balked when the J/C became way too overt and typical and lovey-dovey. :( Can't tell if it's 'cause I love agonizing over them dancing circles 'round each other, or the fact that no one writes it well enough to please without it going all... "I will teach you how to be human! / Come in me if you want to live!"

In other (albeit related as this post is clearly only about TV shows) news, I've downloaded Generation Kill. :) I have absolutely no idea what most of it's about but it promises me Marines, it's short, and there are witty remarks. For now, I'm sold. It's next on my list of things to watch.

This is a Steph grade certified boring post. I know it. But I can't think of anything else, alas and alack. Now I'm going to go and read that driver's exam book again. My license's expired and I need to start all over again. :( Bah humbug.
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