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Is my common sense so bad as for people, even my own boyfriend, need to think me an idiot? Am I so bad as to act in ways so completely fucking out there that there can't be any definable reasons as to why I do things? Am I just piss-poor at explaining things?

Because you know what I don't understand? We do you a favor. We have extra furniture lying about our house that we don't mind getting rid of that you want, fine! I don't have a measuring tape so I can't give measurements, but I said you could come over and look and see and measure for yourself. I showed it to you. I did my part. You brought your measuring tape. You measured. I watched my dad help you measure. So isn't knowing the measurements your part?

But fine, I'll accept that you said I would give you more accurate measurements later, even if I don't remember anyone saying something like that, or me agreeing. My memory doesn't always work properly and neither does my hearing. But I do remember specifically stating several times that we can't find our measuring tape and should thus be construed as not having one, so isn't leaving it to me for accurate measurements a stupid idea in and of itself?

And hell, whatever, since saying that doesn't solve anything and I do want to help you, I went and tried to find something that I could measure with, ignoring some of your more bullshit suggestions (twist ties????) and found some old Ikea 1m paper measurement strips. And I measure it for you.

Since we can't seem to actually get across to each other what each measurement is for, I diagram it. I google a picture of a couch, I add in the measurements.

(It's the third diagram, but the first two were just missing a few lines/numbers.)

It seems clear enough to me. But no I get "that's not the couch we're getting is it? Can't you take a picture of the couch and label it there?" Twice. Even though after the first time, I said I didn't have a digital camera handy. (And if I did, I don't have one of those A-B cables for attaching the camera to the computer. I don't have a memory card reader on my computer. What good would that have done you anyway?)

And you need more measurements. Fine, I'll ignore how annoyed you sound at my apparent incompetence because I obviously should've known better/done it faster/whatever. I'll go back but my sister's sleeping now and I'll be doing them in the dark, so could you be quiet for a bit? Oh no. Never that. Just wake my sister up. I tell you to shut up for just a sec so I can get this done and get back out, and then you shut up and sulk at me! Ignore me! I get five full minutes of absolute silence despite repeated hello's (oh, no, I got one annoyed-sounding "hello?? what?? yes I can hear you just fine!" or equivalent so I guess not absolute silence) before you'll actually resume talking to me in short sentences again.

So excuse me? What exactly gives you the right to sound so aggravated about this whole situation as if it's all my fault for causing you this inconvenience? I asked you when you were coming in tomorrow to get it. You just say you don't know you still have to measure the car and you'd rather do it in the daytime.

You were going to try and come in and take it away TODAY. Couldn't you have had those measurements before this? But okay, I gave you early enough warning that we were busy for all of today and that we were freer tomorrow, you still have time to do that. But you can't give me a head's up on when you plan on coming out? You can't guess at when you're free to do so, so I can double-check with the parents and make sure you won't disturb the rest of the house/my dad's students if they're being tutored? You sound mad at me for asking?

So yeah. I hung up. And sure, maybe you shouldn't say "fuck you" to the people you love. Well you shouldn't slap them in the face for trying their best to help you out either. Really.

[Edit:] And so the boyfriend and I gaspshock, talked about it. And he explained to me that his long silence was in fact a product of our phones simply being screwed up--he could hear me but I couldn't hear him. So that is one part of the mystery solved. Communication, it works. :O Another skill I must level up.)

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