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08 October 2008 @ 07:31 pm
I keep looking at this icon, and I keep wishing Nintendo actually made a pink DS like this. ( It always tricks me into thinking I could find me a console made of the cute. The shape of the DS Lite just isn't as pretty to me. I like my brick, cracked though the screen may be. Besides, I don't like the shade of pink they use. :(

...Yeah. *shrug* Yes, I play favorites. And am silly. Or girly. All are plenty applicable.

Anyhow! Life hasn't been all that good in the past how long, but it did shape up nicely today. :) Everywhere at Square One seemed to be having a sale, and Steph enjoys being able to spend less money on more things. Thus! The results of my day come up like this:

La Vie en Rose - 2 bras (2 for 1 sale, $40)
Fairweather - 3 skirts (3 for $20 sale rack)

And we found something for Vicki! :3 And it was also on sale! And then it was an additional 50% off that! Life is good. Even if Mom looked askance at me, I assume that if I like it, she will too. We work like that. She can fit the clothes I can never wear, and I've got the boobs she'll never have. Ah well. C'est la vie.

Besides all this! I've found a new RP obsession. :) Now and again, one muse or another kicks me in the face and demands to be written. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't. I did. And now all of them are clamoring. Oy vey. But oh I'm having such fun. ^__^

BTW: Anyone know how to turn off RSS (I think?) feed for this journal on Facebook?
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Current Music: Vienna Teng - My Medea
tyrsownruetyrsownrue on December 2nd, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
T_T Steph, in my drive-by reading of your livejournal, you have made me flail.

The pink DS is available in both DS and DSlite. T_T one of them was in a combo pack with that silly dog game (I think the Original DS one) and the lite is available practically everywhere.


The only time I actually put intrest into the pink edition was when cos!Edgeworth was playing PW at AN on it.

...and now I want one too. Josh has one. It is made of pretty.

...stupid girliness.
tyrsownruetyrsownrue on December 2nd, 2008 09:47 pm (UTC)
A quick scan of ebay tells me that the pink ds editions are ds coral pink, dslite metallic rose as well as a replacement shell in pink that you can take to a shop and have them install for you.

...nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. *hides again*
Stephanie: kakairu; chibi loffmirroredsakura on December 2nd, 2008 10:27 pm (UTC)
Re: !2
Haha, I knew about the two pink DS Lites (Nintendo keeps sending emails telling me to buy one for me/my friends/my family/my dog/etc.) but I never really liked the newer design like I did the old one.

After your comment, I did my own googling again, and though I can't find evidence of an original DS that came in pink, I did find the shell case in Candy Pink which is exactly what I was looking for! :)

Now I just have to figure out whether or not my DS is too damaged to be worth buying a new case for. I know I cracked one of the screens, but I don't remember if it's just the outer screen or the LCD screen underneath... *ponders* I must investigate.