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Today was truly a day of awesome clichés (also, this laptop keyboard has no numpad, nor even when I use the function key, no keystroking an é, alas). Such clichés namely turned out to be me not having to carry stuff and me going shopping while the boyfriend pays for stuff. ^^; While I would hate to be the kind of person who simply expects and demand this sort of treatment from all and sundry just 'cause I lay claim to a penis receptacle and possibly spare boobage, it is a nice feeling to be spoiled (spoilt?) and showered with pretty presents now and again. :) I like stuff.

Now because I started right at the end of the story and would rather not Tarentino my day through, it went as follows. I got on a train to Toronto, the boyfriend got on a Greyhound to Toronto. The boyfriend beat me there. He sat. I scuttled around looking for him. Upon finding him, he dumped upon me large craploads of stuff, which I gleed over and promptly dumped back on him so that he could carry it. ;p (No, I don't do this often. But he offered. And I'm not good at walking long periods of time, particularly if I weigh anchor while doing it.)

The boyfriend being the boyfriend decided to get a hotel room (even though neither of us were staying overnight--wahh the needless extravagance!) so that would be able to dump our stuff there for a few hours... I am of the opinion that he does not like being a packmule for long either. :3;; While there, shenanigans ensued. But I shall not relate them here so you are free to imagine your own--preferably with your Steph-figure looking like a supermodel. ;)

Shopping turned to lunch turned to more shopping turned to convenience store drink-hunting turned to half-dozing turned to an almost mad rush to get home. I have me a midterm tomorrow, and so I needed to sneak in as much studying time as possible--also, this meant that I would not have to take a cab/figure out the bus routes to get home from the station. Yes, there was other stuff that happened within the confines of that one first sentence, however it was mostly walking. And more walking. And turning around and walking some more. I will never truly appreciate the way other girls can go on about the business of shopping for hours and hours and hours. ;p

However! Because it is an exciting and really rare thing to be showered with presents, I must now list them! :3 (...I like lists. >.>; And possibly going look what I got look what I got nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah)

- Swarovski earrings (the boyfriend schemed with my sister about them, sneaky)
- Fenix flashlight (it's a titschy little baby thing that burns a hole through your retinas if you look at it funny)
- headband (It was sparkly. And cost $10 where at PMall it would have cost $40-$75.)
- Pie! (Cheap, itty bitty pumpkin pie! And on sale! ...It just wasn't very good, sigh.)
- Translucent powder and powder brush (@.@; Makeup why must you be so expensive?)
- a new Motorola headset (The boyfriend's old one that I was using kept cutting out so he got me a new one. o.o)

And now I has my cheque from the bookstore. Whee extra $150! It's going to help pay off this semester's books. :3 'Twas a good day. A good day indeed. I came home to a bowl of congee and a textbook. And it's still okay. :)

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