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Surprise, surprise I'm actually doing well! :) And that gives me warm fuzzy feelings. ^_^ All of the marks from the midterms are back now except for Microeconomics (and I hope that by writing this now, it won't turn out to be a horrible mark that will horribly deface my good streak), and so far they've all been good if not veritably awesomesauce. Whee! Do you know how long it's been???

Anyway, the

Personal Financial Management: 88
I studied the most for this class because I found out (after I signed up for the course and bought the nonrefundable textbook, incidentally) that it was a 3rd year course, and it was based off of stuff we learn in Finance 1 (which, also incidentally, I am taking now. On Wednesday, right after this Tuesday course ;p). And so I, being one of those people who grew up not knowing anything business-related whatsoever, walked into this and was blown off my feet onto my face because how am I supposed to know what constitutes a low and a high interest rate on a savings account anyway?? But after much bothering of the mother and the boyfriend and fanatical studying/question-answering, I did... good. Not awesome, but good. And much better than the 77 I got on the quiz. ^^;

Finance 1: 95
I was worried about this one because I'd spent so much time studying for the other finance exam I had only a day to go over everything in this one. (Thank goodness a large part of the stuff we did in this one I'd already studied in the first!) And then when I did it, I wasn't quite sure which number went in which part of the calculation to satisfy my logic processes, and then when I got answers I couldn't be sure they were the right ones because it wasn't multiple choice and the first example had spoilt me in that respect. ^^; But! I did good! Whee!

Marketing 2: 74
Okaaaay... not so good. However! I did study extensively for this one by reading over the textbook (because the test is based on the textbook) and comparatively, I did pretty well. Insofar as apparently I got the best out of my class, but that best is still... a 74. o.O;; And! I have just finished sending my instructor an email about the test wherein some answers could probably (and imo likely) be the right ones though they were marked wrong. If they go through, I'd end up with an 83. Which isn't so shabby. *hopes!*

Computer Applications for Business: 104
Whee! The original exam was stupid. Easy of course, but ridiculous. No one passed, even me, and even with two tries, simply because one typo or accidental mouse-click will land you with the question wrong and move you immediately onto the next one. Which is fail. And so she gave us another one. And I did it. And it was easy. Precious, precious Word. ;p

This entry took longer than I thought it would. I had dinner in the middle of it. And then I did all the dishes and it was hard and took much ungodly scrubbing and required one and a half steel wool spongey things. :( And now I don't feel well. So I shall away, and my story shall end here.

I told you I'm boring. ;)

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