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Alas that I know of no readily-typable smiley that denotes that certain note of baslfkwejfasidfjasdILLNESSSICKNESSDEATHBLARGH. Because now would be a good time for it. Because ugh. Death. And I have been for the past couple of days, even though I made a very big attempt to try and be enjoyable (and enjoy myself as well I suppose, I'm still selfish ;p) when Ronsen and I went to the boyfriend's house for the weekend.

But Steph is sick. And she does not like it. Stomach problems, yesterday involved corroborating it with a headache as well. It might be some form of flu-type miscellaneousness, but I do not like it. And wants it to go away. :(

However! there were many highlights of the weekend that I would wish to note down here but I don't feel well and simply want to curl up in a little ball and whimper to myself. One of which (because we just discussed this) is:

Boyfriend: *climbing up the stairs* Do you guys want some Chinese sausage? :)
Me: *looks out of the room at boyfriend coming up stairs as he says this*
Boyfriend: *is in the process of zipping up his fly*
Me: *sporfles*

Silly. I know. And not particularly accurate. But. I had my little tee-hee. And that is my story. *is not up for writing more because I am boring and being sick is kicking me in the gut like a radioactive baby*

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