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So. So. So. I was flitting through life happy as a junebug (a live, kicking junebug circa sometime in the summer when junebugs are still alive) simply because life was going well--for the moment I'd finished most of my exams and the doom feeling of results-discovery was still far off into the future, the next day's exam was easy and I didn't have to study for it, and the last one was several days off--a luxury compared to the rest of my exam schedule.

AND THEN. I was on the phone with the boyfriend and going through my email when I discovered that LJ was doing its permanent account sale. And I went all oooh, and proceeded to continue on with my life until the boyfriend demanded to know what the ooohing was about. My wholehearted attempts to avoid telling him what I was doing availed to nothing because I knew he would offer to buy me one. And they are expensive.

AND THEN HE BOUGHT ME ONE. And I could not say no because because I am weak. WEAK.

But oh god it is so beautiful. The most ridiculous and extravagant expenditure ever, but waiiiii~~ :D Oh god I have so many beautiful lovely icons now, it's like a Christmas that hits you like a giant baseball of jingle bells rock RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. <3

Also! In a complete deviation from the above squeeage, we had hotpot last night. And earlier tonight as well, but that was not as good since my mommy isn't here to have it with us. And since the boyfriend didn't seem to understand the concept of the fact that cooking on something besides the stove can be fun, I took some pictures!

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Our ingredients. There's beef-, fish-, etc. balls, fish cakes, green vegetables, mushrooms, beef, chicken, oysters, wontons... I think that was about it.

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My mommy! Prep-work. Basically washing the green vegetables, preparing the soup mixture, the soy sauce mixture.

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You've got the portable range on the table and the pot with the soup mixture kept at a rolling boil. We pre-added some of the fish and beef balls and the wontons while the pot was still on the stove in order to have something to eat right away. You dip the food out with little hotpot sieves like these.

All the meat is sliced extremely thinly so that they cook really fast. You put them into the soup and let them cook, take them out, and then om nom!

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Like this!

Image Hosted by
The yellow cup-bowl in front of the range is where we dip up the soy sauce mixture from: it's got soy sauce, green onions, oil, sugar, salt and some white pepper. :)

Image Hosted by
Like this!

Image Hosted by
And that is how we do hotpot. :3 We buy enough for two nights, usually, since that is how big the packages are and they are filling and we do not eat a lot. So we do it two nights in a row.

There is my story. In conclusion, hotpot is fun. There is not much waiting because you are eating in between dropping food into the pot and taking it out, and it was the closest thing ever to being allowed to cook when you're a kid and the rule of the day was DON'T TOUCH THE STOVE. :)

And now we're going to set up our Christmas decorations! :) Before the parents even get home! *sneaky Christmas!ninjas ahoy!*
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