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Christmas cards!

Let's try this again. ^_^; Last year didn't actually seem to work out so well since I know a couple of you didn't actually receive the stuff I sent you. However, I am determined that I am actually going to succeed this year!

So! Does anyone want a Christmas card? :3;; It's a bit late in the season for asking I know, but I've been busy. Please comment me with your address and I'll send you a card. :3 I can't promise they'll be shiny and handmade since... well... did I mention the busy? But I will try to make them as nice as I can.

Comments are screened for privacy. I... don't quite understand this whole comment-screening process, but I assume if I don't reply to you, I won't somehow accidentally reveal you and your private information to the whole of the internets. But even if I don't reply, I'll not have forgotten you, I swear!

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