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Not that I was every really gone in a way that anyone would be able to notice, however! School is, for now, OVER AND DONE WITH and so I celebrated by running away to the boyfriend's for a couple of days that eventually stretched to about a week. And we played computer games. PEW PEW!

...What, you expected excitement? From me? *snerk*

So the one-half of the gaming was finally, finally playing Left4Dead. The boyfriend had made me download Steam and install L4D on my computer at home, but I'd had no opportunity to play it in between exams and the fact that too much shooting right outside my grandfather's room is probably not good for his heart condition. Also: I'm wary of soloing zombie games. I tried playing the first Resident Evil. I died. On the tutorial level. No, it was not good.

So anyway! It's like taking a wall and making it out of zombies. Screeching, flailing, rawr-rawr-rawring zombies that come at you in waves and bludgeoning awesomeness as you blow them into oblivion. ♥s. FUN.

And then there are the occasional special zombies that go all KILL KILL on my ass that I cannot always handle all on my own. :( This is where the rest of the team comes in. :)

Eventually tiring of doing story, the boyfriend and I went on versus mode where we got to switch it up between being humans and being zombies.

...I wasn't a very good zombie. But I did pick up very quickly all the places I knew the boyfriend was probably hiding. It's like being sneaky, but not always quick enough. There were still epic times, especially when he tries to show off and I cap him in the ass. Even if I happen to be stuck behind a set of doors that won't open. Bwa. ha. ha.

In other news, we also played Sacred 2. Less fun, but still okay. :3 Problem is, I like playing games. I like playing games for long periods of time. But there is a point where I simply want to do something else, and that time is significantly less than days and days and days-worth of hack-and-slash dungeon-roaming. :( Especially when my horse dies. TWICE.

There was also an OH GOD amount of eating. @.@; It was both awesome and insane and glarghwhydidIdothat all at the same time. But but but. Yummy. And in the end, that and heart failure is all that matters. :)

All said and done, it was a nice break from home. I have a say in things, I have someone who makes no bones about showing he cares about me, and I am horribly spoiled within an inch of my life, which is a good feeling now and again. ^_^ This also means that I GOT PRESENTS!!! :D Whee!! (Note: I am not used to receiving stuff for holidays. Gifts for absolutely no reason at all is still a relatively alien concept in my family that we are trying to accept. ^^)

Now that I've spent waaaaaaay longer on this entry than I thought I would... more zombie time! *zooms*

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