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It came down. A lot. If you live anywhere near where I live (...or even a little further away from near where I live) you will have noticed it was coming down like nobody's business.

Needless to say, on a day of much abysmal weather, I needed to get up (early!) in the morning, and make the treacherous journey with my dad out to the school in order to get my academic affairs straightened out. And now it is done--almost.

My application for Advanced Standing on Bus Comm and my Gen Ed went through and got signed off--both of them. Which means, aside from an E-Commerce course, I'm home free in regards to being completely done semester 2. To write off the E-Commerce will take a little more writing, some paperwork finagling, some more money, and the I-better-damn-well-pass! Other than that one course, I'm set for next semester, my timetable has been decided on (Friday's off, whoo!), and all I need to do is figure out paying my fees.

Aside from that, there was the obvious much shoveling. It happened in two rounds, the first being Vicki and I hitting up the driveway and my dad doing the 'patio' section of our front door. And we had to do it while it was still snowing--so I shovelshovelshovel, hit pavement, turn away to shovelshovelshovel some more driveway bits, turn back, and BAM there is no pavement, just more snow. :( The second session involved Vicki and Mother and I shoveling the driveway and my dad doing the 'patio' section of our front door. I am sensing a trend here.

Afterwards, he wanted to go out for some noodles in a not-uniquely Chinese 'meal', but I know of no better English equivalent for it than a midnight snack that does not happen at midnight and does not involve traditional snack foods. But nothing was open. Clearly the feeding world had simply given up on finding life willing to brave the outdoors for nourishment and late-night not!meals. So we went all the way to Eglinton before we found a (good) Chinese place open. And we ate. And it was yummy.

However! This is not the exciting part of the story. The exciting part of the story is that the road on our street had not yet been plowed. The street perpendicular to it was plowed, but not our street. This meant that one, we scraped all hell out of the bottom of our car (;_;), and two, we got stuck while trying to turn off it onto the main road. One of the neighbors was snowblowing his driveway four feet away from us and our non-moving but clearly attempting to move car and pretended not to see us or notice that we existed. (Our neighborhood rocks but he did not try to gun us down or chew off an arm or two so it can't be all that bad.)

So we had to get out. And push. PUUUUUSH. I got to be big and tough and strong and help push the car. And as I made a point of kicking through the snow down to solid ground and was wearing my crazy construction shoes of DOOM, I helped good. Yes. So there. :) *flexes manfully*

My tale is told. And I wish to dry my hair. But first! December 18th was Laura (formerly myriadofcolour)'s birthday!! :D She's ooooold now. :)

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