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New Year's Resolutions

Here are the rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 New Years resolution you want to complete by end of 2009. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know your New Years resolution =] At the end of 2009, come back and bold or scratch out the resolutions you have done (if you still remember about this note that is).

And because I'm me, I will break the rules and have nothing to do with this tagging business! ANSWER AT YOUR OWN RISK. (Or not, depending on who actually reads these. :3)

1) Lose weight--I'm grooossss.
2) Keep up an A average.
3) Do things when they need doing, not a long while later.
4) Manage the schoolwork.
5) Get paid! D:
6) Stop spending so much of the boyfriend's money on frivolous things.
7) Stop spending so much of MY money on frivolous things.
8) Work on fixing my bleh skin.
9) Get my ass into gear and re-get my driver's license! D:
10) Start drawing again--don't want my tablet going to waste!!
11) Be more happy.
12) Stop being such a wimp about asserting myself--see above re: getting paid D:
13) No more impulse buying.
14) Keep my room clean. D: So juvenile-sounding but I have so much STUFF. )<
15) Get along better with the family.
16) Improve that conversation/small-talk thing. Clearly this is a necessary component of being in Business. Or, you know, having friends. ;p
17) Get a better job.
18) Get back to people on Facebook/LJ/email/whatever faster. Or you know. Ever.
19) Remember that apathy is strictly for Nelson, not me. I refuse to stop caring. Or at least I plan on putting in a great deal of effort on the subject.
20) Update LJ/IJ/etc. more often and keep up with people there.
21) Start writing more/again. Pr0nz doesn't write itself, obvs.
22) Maybe sell some of this stuff lying about that I don't really want anymore but I'm pretty sure other people do... ah laziness.
23) Stop being so defensive all the time.
24) No more whining about stupid things. Doing so has a tendency to hurt people I care about (namely the boyfriend) which I do not want.
25) Don't take stuff for granted, don't get bogged down in doing things just because they're the way I've always done things, but still manage that optimism thing. Being jaded is no fun at any age.

Did you just see copypasta direct from Facebook? Why yes, yes you did. :)

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