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I found out there's something a little worse than finding out that one of your friends has died. Several somethings.

The first is finding out there is fire involved. The second is not knowing whether or not they died actively in fire or whether it was through smoke inhalation, etc.--inch for inch, I'd rather be sliced than burned any day. The third is finding it out a) through Facebook, b) after being quite cheerfully happy the morning through, and c) from reporters looking to ask you questions.

So yes. Dan Eaton's dead. I won't ever have to figure out new and interesting ways to separate him from the boyfriend ever again.

I miss him. Not just because I suddenly found him gone, just like that, right along with his parents, but because I've already been missing him. We've been trying to get together to hang out and help him catch pretty girls and dress like a rock star for months and months. It just never worked out.

It was weird. My inbox was swamped--it often is. And in the middle of giggling at RP replies to posts about pink wings and death to geass! was just... bam, btw your friend's dead. I've been trying to reply to some of the RP stuff, but I can't. I'm just... gloomy.

He found me on LJ. He found me babbling on about Hyde and my love of beautiful men and classes and realized he was in my Algebra class. He was the first person, hell the only person, that I met in Waterloo that honestly tried to help me get through the ordeal that was first year, academics-wise.

The boyfriend and Ronsen tried to help me a little out of my slump. Dan took the rest of the day off to be able to talk to me however long I needed, Ronsen dragged me out to the movies, didn't even complain when I asked to see one that he'd apparently seen already. It's a really good feeling having people there for you.

I wish this really was just some bad joke. If you pop out at me laughing at my gullibility, bring it on. I hate being humiliated, but right now I'd prefer it.


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