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I haven't updated in a while, and so I mean to today. Now. Et cetera.

The weekend was made of fun. Finally got to meet the Ronsen girlfriend albeit after a staggeringly long wait--hurray for being five hours late. The original plan was to pick us all up, have dinner together, and then hit up Western University for their charity ball. Ignoring the dramallama that's been going on all last week over whether or not we should a) go anywhere fancy or b) get royally pissed beforehand, being late probably didn't help matters. Once we finally got to Waterloo at around 5 in the evening (where we were supposed to be at noon), the eventual decision was "...well fuck it."

And so Waterloo was where we stayed. Our plans are always the most epic in practice.

But dinner was yummy. I was well-fed and content, even though I've never seen more fat and gristle on a piece of meat in my life. o.o;; I ate it because, well, um, yum, but then I have very lenient (some might say plebeian) tastes. :) I also kinda-sorta learned how to say that bizarrely confusing word: Worcestershire.

...It is still a bizarrely confusing word. I don't know how you people just rattle it off like that. Your mouths work funny. :(

And on Sunday we went shopping. Boring housewares and grocery shopping, but I still managed to find pretties. Some of which I did not buy because I did still attempt not to accumulate more crap in my house that needs somewhere to put it, but I still got stuff. ._. Like food that I now don't get to eat because it's alllllllllll the way over in Waterloo. :( Om yom yom. I hunger.

As for today, well, talk about a metric shit-ton of crap. I found out I have an assignment that was due this morning (which I still need to finish), my CRM in-class assignment revealed that there were more bits of required pages that comes with the textbook in the bookstore but not in the version I have--and which is still confusing even after paying attention in class, I have to talk with one of my teachers tomorrow re: a stupid mark which terrifies me to no end, and the stupid woman at the bookstore a) does not know how to stand properly at her own register, b) cannot type, c) types slowly, d) doesn't know how to swipe a card properly, e) doesn't know the difference between a Visa and a debit card, and e) MADE ME LATE FOR THE BUS. BOTH of them!!

EDIT: And FAIL for having apparently not clicked the 'Post Entry' button on this--yesterday.

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