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Oh stupid LJ with your non-functiony bits. I've been trying to pay for more paid time on silvergeneral because the time Star got me (which was so random, so unexpected, and so. much. love.) is running out on... um... tomorrow. And here I am hooked on all the pretty things I can do with it that I won't be able to. :(

And so LJ doesn't accept my credit card. Because that's obviously the thing to do when people offer you money. It then tells me that if it keeps coming up with problems, since I live in Canada, to avoid typing in my postal code. However, doing so gives me a "Fill in all the blank fields" error. Failboat much?

Re: V-Day. It was lovely. The boys tried so hard and it was really sweet to watch. I heart final touches the most... candles, cloth napkins, music, a toast to the awesomeness that is me (...okay, and the Ronsen girlfriend, but hee, me). :)

Re: School... gehhh. I've got three midterms slotted MTW next week, none of which I'm sure of yet. On top of that I've got an events report that needs doing, a PLA I need more info about, some way to go about booking either the pub or the Fuse office for aforementioned event, and quite possibly some poster mock-ups because if I'm going to do half of other people's work 'cause they keep forgetting, why not more?

Reading week after that. It would almost sound like heaven except I've lived through Vicki's this week, and it has not been a good one for her. The boyfriend was still on the phone with me (Bluetooth) and got to experience his first Steph!mommy scolding of the chilluns on the failure that is their academic lives.

And that is scary stuff. Because it's never the yelling that really gets to you... that you can easily get mad right back about. It's when she looks so sad and worn and tired and heartbroken that it makes you feel like the worst scum in the world for treating them like you do. Never mind that you know you treat them pretty well and that furthermore you're doing well, you just have a penchant for playing games and seeing friends.

In the meantime, I am trying very hard not to think too hard about recent purchases--which is made slightly difficult when one of said purchases is a) kinda big, b) a handbag, and c) bright purple. That's not to say I regret buying it. No. Most definitely not. It's the first purse I've ever bought for myself and at a pretty decent price too. But I guess I wouldn't be me if I didn't fret over the cost of things.

Said visit to the Eaton's Center on Monday is pretty much why I'm all worried/sad about spending more now. I, being the cheap tramp that I am, have been really eying the brushes off of the e.l.f. website. And now, lo and behold, they present me with a 50% sale on their studio products--including the $30 brush set I've been coveting for... well, since they came out. Thus with a lot of product-switching here and there to accommodate discounts, I've gone from a $78 subtotal to $48 after shipping.

And yet. And yet. I can't do it. Not just because it will mean another purchase to add to the list this month, but because that price doesn't include the $5 customs fee, the 14% GST/PST, and the $8.50 extra shipping cost to Canada. And the conversion from USD to CAD. Wah. Sometimes I hate being too practical to get the things I want.

Finally, re: stats (because it deserves a section all on its own and outside a cut)... I. am. so. dead.
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