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Because who doesn't like not-paying attention during class? Stolen from Akai because I'm creepy backlogged stalker. Or something. :)

Whether you see online roleplay an extension of yourself and your own personality, or a fun writing exercise where literally anything goes, everyone has different comfort levels, kinks, and interests. But all we really care about is the smut.

Mark the things you have roleplayed with ‘x’, then: italicize the things you haven’t roleplayed, but might want to/would be willing to try, and strikethrough the things you’d absolutely never be willing to touch.

Warning: this meme contains adult concepts, continue at your own discretion.


[ ] non-friendly hugging
[x] kissing
[x] tongue-involved kissing
[x] touching/stroking [clothes on]
[x] non-graphic sexual situations [i.e.- sex descriptions that have little to no detail/one character has an erection/‘fade to black’, etc.]
[ ] masturbation (Boring~)
[x] frottage [clothes on]
[x] necking/making out with body contact
[x] casual but titillating nudity
[x] adoptive, non-related ‘incest’. [step-sibling/step-parents/adoptive siblings, etc.]
[ ] crossdressing


[x] breast stimulation
[x] handjob
[x] fingering [vagina/anal]
[x] cunnilingus
[x] fellatio
[x] graphic striptease
[x] mutual masturbation
[x] penetrative sex
[ ] ephebephilia [at least one character is adolescent/within puberty, i.e.- statutory rape]
[x] light bondage [i.e.- handcuffs, scarves, light rope, blindfolds.]
[x] dubcon [‘dubious consent’]
[x] biting
[ ] breathplay (autoerotic asphyxiation?)
[ ] half-sibling/cousin/aunt/uncle/niece/nephew incest Should I ever play a character that meets such a one.
[x] anal intercourse [male/male, male/female]
[ ] use of sex toys [dildos, vibrators, corn, etc.] (Hahaha corn. I remember that.)
[x] extreme age differences [15+ years]
[ ] oral/anal stimulation [with a barrier or dental dam]
[x] exhibitionism or voyeurism


[ ] rimming [without a barrier/dam]
[ ] urophila/golden showers
[ ] pedophilia [sex where at least one character is completely prepubescent] (Shock for shock's value boring. You silly kids.)
[x] non-con [actual rape-by-force, marital rape]
[x] mild bloodplay
[ ] shibari/heavy bondage
[x] BDSM
[ ] sounding [penetration of the urethra with a foreign object]
[ ] electrostimulation (No fun to RP. Smut like porn needs variety.)
[x] torture
[ ] piercing
[ ] tattooing
[x] sibling incest
[ ] fisting
[ ] pegging [female penetration of a male with a strap-on] (Pff, reeks of forethought. Hardly exciting.)
[ ] sex during menstruation/fetishization of menstrual blood
[ ] inflation
[x] non-consensual exhibitionism or voyeurism [or things like molestation on trains.]
[ ] tentacles
[ ] vagina dentata (...?)
[ ] “fucking machines” (Could see it, but would probably be dull to RP. What's the other person going to do? "Oh baby, yeah, talk to me?" Yawn.)

You should be locked up:

[ ] scat, enema play, etc.
[ ] geriatrophila [sexual fetishization of the extremely elderly]
[ ] amputation/guro
[x] snuff/rape with crippling/severe injury
[ ] necrophilia
[ ] beastiality/furries
[ ] scarification/infliction of disfiguring scars
[ ] bugchasing [intentional infection with HIV]
[x] parent/child incest
[ ] forced pregnancy/abortion

And now, the random real life relevant questions [with some touchy subjects]:

[x] Have your characters practiced/experienced domestic violence?
[ ] Do your characters use condoms/practice safe sex?
[ ] Have STDs ever been mentioned/or occurred between your characters?
[ ] Has unintentional pregnancy ever occurred/been seriously mentioned between your characters?
[ ] Have your characters ever needed/had an abortion?
[ ] Have your characters ever cheated on each other? (...I don't do playercest that much...)
[ ] Have your characters ever got into in-game trouble for underage involvement/statutory rape?
[ ] Have your characters ever had a realistic reaction to in-game rape? [i.e.- one that the ‘magical power’ of ‘X’ character’s love/support/penis cannot immediately cure.]
[ ] Have your characters been involved in non-consensual child molestation?

And lastly:

Having filled in your answers, would you say you’re personally:

[ ] Depraved and proud? >D

[x] Kinky, but not beyond the pale? 8D (Which is as I expected. :D Sex gets boring to write. Especially if there are other people involved. Then I just wonder where all the flaily bits are going. At a stretch you might even call me vanilla.)

[ ] Middle of the road/ not all that out there? :D

[ ] Actually pretty vanilla, thank you? :)

GO AHEAD AND LAUGH. I'm a sick sick woman.
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