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04/06/2009: Customer Relationship Management exam
04/08/2009: Marketing Promotions Management exam
04/09/2009: Professional Edge team even report & video footage due
04/12/2009: Stats lab due; International Environment article analysis due
04/13/2009: Customer Relationship Management group report due
04/14/2009: International Environment exam
04/15/2009: Marketing Promotions Management Godiva presentation

So far what I have scheduled for the next two weeks. This isn't counting the paperwork I have to go through, the back-and-forth administrative stuff re: PLA, the studying bits, and oh, applications for OCMC are due tomorrow too and I don't have a faculty reference yet. :( Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. This is going to be fun. And work-related stuff doesn't even factor into any of this yet. ^^;

In other news... I had the bizarre urge to read, write, and post fanfic today. This hasn't happened in a very. long. time. It must be the exam influence. When doom impends, I must needs add more to it. @.@

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