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Totally fly-by entry since it's 3:30 in the morning and I meant to go to bed much, much, muuuch earlier, I still had to return to LJ because I am an addict no one need question it.

1) It feels so good to be writing again. It must be the exam influence. Always get an influx of distractions on or around this time.

2) ...I'm writing Gundam Wing fanfic. WTF? I've totally walked myself into a time loop! My childhood, it beckons!

3) I found an older version of my FFVII pirates fic. It is one of the best feelings in the world to stop working on something, wait a long, long while, come back, and STILL like what you've written down. Perhaps my days of badfic factory are truly over!

4) I... think I might drop Tamaki over at luceti. I haven't been truly active with him lately, and unlike Seph and Jen, I also don't have as good a hold on how I might properly play him. Everything's feeling forced, and I hate character squatting.

5) ;_; Why won't my files download?

And why can't I go to sleep? :(

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