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And because it's been a long time since I've been posting (or at least regularly), I can be completely shameless about posting more. :D Thus! Picspam of stuff!

Like Exhibit A: part of my Christmas present! :D That's right, one pair finally came, now presented for your viewing pleasure by an amazing (...okay, not really) feat of contortion!

They actually came about... uh... a week to two weeks ago? But I've been a bit busy/distracted for pictures, and besides, after having waited 7-8 months for half our order, I'm entitled to grouse. ^-^

This came in the mail... uh... I forget. Either yesterday or the day before. My memory sucks like you wouldn't believe.

That, my dears, is a bag of mineral makeup THE SIZE OF MY HEAD. d(^____^)b So that's three lipsticks, two lipliners, one eyeshadow primer, two foundations, one blush, twelve eyeshadows and one free lipgloss tin. AND AND AND. All for $37.50! :D They were having a 50% off sale, and I couldn't resist $1.50 an eyeshadow when drugstores sell them at $9+ each. More colors to practice/play with!

Here is one of the two purchase I made at AN... and by far the more pricey one. I feel a little silly now, I could probably find a better price for it if I were to hunt around a little more. But! I was so happy to be at a con again, and with the opportunity to add to my Play Arts. ^-^ No Zack yet, but I will persevere!

That's the FFVII Cloud with the hardy-DAYTONA, not Fenrir. He's still not out of his box yet because frankly, I haven't found a place to put him. Too many Clouds in my room as is. ^^; And here I am still thinking on getting CC!Play Arts someday! Oy vey.

And because I just noticed the influx of LJ comments in my inbox, this last one goes out of the cut in what is probably a vain attempt to shut you fuckers up. (Not Yoke or Take, obvs.)

For those of you who don't think I own the game just because I played the cracked Ultima PC version while away at school. I do. This is the version that came with the Advent Pieces: Limited Box. I also have the American PlayStation one, but that's downstairs and would require digging. Besides, I don't need any pathetic sneering about how it's just Greatest Hits or something.

And yes. You're right. I haven't finished playing the game. Gasp. Shock. But you want to know where my game ended? Last battle. Northern Crater. It's not hard to read up/watch what happens in the next 10-20 minutes of gameplay/final sequence, assholes. And I'm pretty sure I can hold my own in knowing canon against some of the more "hardcore fans" out there.

Honestly, there are other, more legitimate reasons for bitching at and trolling me. Why stick with the truly laughable ones? Really.

Last time I feed the trolls, promise. They just caught me on a bad day for ignoring insults.
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