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So all said and done, the weekend passed by with some really nice moments. :) Saturday morning, bright--okay, so maybe not bright--and early, I was up and at 'em, determined to go ferreting around some garage sales and seeking cheap treasures. Well, plans with Ronsen fell through, but the boyfriend volunteered himself, even though he lives on or around an hour away (depending on how fast you speed) and came even though it was storming fit to drown a fish.

When we headed out, it was POURING, water come at us in waves, and all the streetlights and traffic lights going dead. Obviously, no one was having a garage sale so we went off to Square One where I had a couple coupons for free things. :) The best kind of shopping: getting stuff without needing to pay!

Thus: a set of twelve pencils from Coach, a bottle of glossing straightener from AVEDA, a hand massage, a cup of tea, and a touch-up of my makeup. Yay! Still have one for a Dove salon and a free facial, so... we'll see how long this little gravy train lasts!

The afternoon was full of sun, sun, and more sun. A huge difference from the crashbangbzzzt of the morning and so we washed the cars. Two of them. Quickly. And oh god it hurt! Cleaning the wheels, cleaning the body, drying the body, waxing the body, wiping off the body, waxing the body, wiping off the body, waxing the body, wiping off the body, Rain-X on the windows, mirrors and lights, Rain-X on the inside windows, surface cleaner for the interior, detailer, wheel blackening stuff... oh god. I was doing so many squats all around the cars, I briefly contemplated yelling out "FEEL THE BURN!" But, as it turns out, even I'm not that big of a dork. :)

Between doing the cars and needing to go out to dinner in Markham, we canceled our gym appointment for a free trial. But that was okay. My legs. They were tired. And I felt like a radiator, I was so hot. It was the good kind of tired ache.

The boyfriend came with. Markham was having a little street festival type thing in one corner of the center we were at. I caved in and bought two necklaces. Once again proving that I cannot resist stuff that sparkles. ._.;;;

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And then yesterday the boyfriend shows up at my door! Again! Even though I wasn't expecting him without some sort of ahead of schedule warning, and thus looked like gross. But he stuck around and we made dinner, and ate it and it was good. :) Then five of us went out for ice cream! Yay for fun weekend-y times!

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