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23 June 2004 @ 12:04 am
Dear Dad,

Yeah, okay they're gone now. You happy? I'm sure you're loving the patch of raw red flesh instead, aren't you? Fuck you. It's not like I'm getting it for real. You know sure as hell I would never get it for real. But no. You just have to act the little fuck that you knew you can be, call it ugly, call me ugly, and order me to get rid of it. I fucking love you too.

It's just marker damn it! They're in no way permanent, and in no way have anything to do with you. Fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. I want out of this stupid house, this stupid family, this stupid fuck that is the life you want me to live.

God. So yeah. The wings are gone. My dad thinks I'm ugly. My mom does too, but she's nice about it at least. Well, they've got my sister to fawn over. May I go now?

~ Steph
blankles on June 23rd, 2004 04:23 am (UTC)
oh~ >< I thought they looked good! Your dad sucks (sorry for my blunt statement) My dad's an asshole too, though, that's just mean. I mean, it's your back. Not his >
Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 23rd, 2004 12:00 pm (UTC)
*sigh* *shrug* My back, but he's got to see it, I guess. Perhaps after University times comes along (on which excuse I plan to float off to somewhere far, far away), ne?
blankles on June 23rd, 2004 01:55 pm (UTC)
Farfaraway! Yes~ escape!
I wanna escape too~

sarak11 on June 23rd, 2004 04:31 am (UTC)
*hugs* my dad would have made me get rid of them too- I'm so sorry your parents are like that to you- you really are lovely you know, and more often then not, when parents put down "teen" girls its often because their "womanly" growth and beauty scares them- stifling your sexuality and what not. I hope you feel better in the morning
Love Sarah
Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 23rd, 2004 12:02 pm (UTC)
Oh yes. I know. Hard to miss when every single day of my life (or at least, the days when I'm awake enough to remember... oO) involves at least some mention of how they wish I'd never grown up.

I wonder if they liked the spitfire better. And the lawsuits. oO

(*cringes* Steph wasn't a very nice girl when she was a kid) And it's morning. I do feel better. Thank you.
ceetscomettail on June 23rd, 2004 05:01 am (UTC)
Mm... ;\ Stupid generational gaps... It's not you dad's fault and it's not yours either. Just a big difference of opinion. *sighs* It's quite sad though, how you wanted to express yourself and have fun. I really do hope you realize that there are lots of parents out there who just don't know how to express themselves correctly. :/ I have a friend who's parents are completely clueless to showing their love... but they do show it in ways that are really hard to see. My friend also feels that her parents adore her sister and like her less but I don't think so. :\ It may seem indefinately like they favour your sister but I'm positive they don't have a reason to like you any less. I hope you get it resolved... Although solving it may not result in a "oh happy happy loving family", the important part is to pick out moments where they show they care. ^^ Because I'm sure they do love you very much, Steph. ;o Gwah, it sucks how I can't give you a nice tight hug over the internet *kicks computer* but~ *hugs tightly anyway* ^^
Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 23rd, 2004 12:07 pm (UTC)
*smiles* Yes I know. You make an excellent voice of reason. Better yet because I know it's true. *wistfully* I really just wish sometimes.... ah well. Plenty of time for that I suppose.
Mihomihogoeth on June 23rd, 2004 05:07 am (UTC)
Parents are like that, you know what is worse, in a way they insulted Hyde there too. Oh my parents can be real dipshits as well. I have wanted to leave my place too, but in the long run it is best if you stay
Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 23rd, 2004 12:10 pm (UTC)
*smiles* I didn't mean it like that. I meant leave, University-bound leave. I've more logic to me than to just pack up and go.

Besides... where would I go? A tent in the backyard?

.... Do I even own a tent? *puzzled*
porkchop4dinner on June 23rd, 2004 06:39 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear that. Probably would be a waste since you guys spent a lot of time to do it. But yeah, parents are a pain in the ass.

Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 23rd, 2004 12:11 pm (UTC)
*smiles* Oh they're coming back. I guarantee you they're making a reappearance. I think I'll just be a little more discreet about it. (Not wearing the sleeveless Hyde shirts with parents around.)
porkchop4dinner on June 23rd, 2004 06:31 pm (UTC)
Hehe, bad child!

But that's what I would do if I were you. XD
Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 24th, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
*smiles innocently*
(Deleted comment)
Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 23rd, 2004 12:15 pm (UTC)
*giggles* Oh whee! Road trip! Hmmmm... Steph wants to drive! (Never mind the fact that I can't do highways (due to licence), other countries (also due to licence), make left turns (my own stupidity).... ^^;;)

*grins* If you ever do come, I'm doing you a pair on your own back. I can work them just as well as my sister. ^_^
alysinomo on June 23rd, 2004 06:48 pm (UTC)
You're beautiful! Don't worry, one day all of this shall pass, and you can move onto your own life. And if you're daring and brave enough, never speak to your family again. If it makes you feel any better, my bio dad's an asshole.
Stephaniemirroredsakura on June 24th, 2004 04:42 pm (UTC)
*glomps* Thank you. Yeah, the immunity to comments about how I look like does wear off once in a while. This just happened to be one of them.