Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

o depression

So Ebony is, for what appears to be the final call, totally beyond repair/recovery. Ebony being of course one of my external hard drives, which means 500GBs of data that is, infuriatingly, still there and potentially recoverable, except for the fact that some part is physically fried, smells like burnt hardware, and means everything on it is completely inaccessible. I also just can't afford to shell out $500+ to have a professional poke around with it.

Sad thing is, I'd finished backing up more than half of my old files from another failing drive onto it. Which means that a large chunk of the data on there is 10+ years old, and likely unrecoverable just by trawling through the internet/torrenting.

I just wish I could remember all the things that were on it, and all the things that are missing. Because there was a lot on there. Me on the internet is like the hamster in the corner of the cage stuffing its cheeks with as many sunflower seeds as possible so that it looks like a furry hammerhead shark. I hoard. And I can remember most of the categories if not the individu. I know half my music collection was on there. I know I had one one of the biggest Gackt video file collections (dated, obviously, I fell out of the catchup loop last year/year before) on the planet on there too. Hell, I had one of the biggest Asian music video collections out there, some of which was released on a torrent site that no longer exists. Gone, gone, gone, gone.

Yeah, the apathy's fading. I miss it all. :(

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