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Today was fun. It really was. A little shopping, a little playing around with my hair, going out with friends, having friends over, learning/teaching/receiving back/foot/hand massages. Really. :)

Of course, in the process, we were louder than we should have been, and thus kept waking up my parents when the hour passed through 1 and 2 in the morning. So, when the boys left, my dad called me in, mad about having been woken up several times. We hadn't meant to do anything such thing, and it was already a bad idea to have them stay as late as they did, so I apologized, and I meant it sincerely.

It just wasn't enough for him, because apparently I didn't look repentant/distraught/sobbing my heart out enough, and so he just got madder, yelling such things like "Does she look sorry to you?" and proceeding to order me never to have them over again. All right. I left that alone. I went to my room.

My sister comes in to check up on what happened, what was wrong, before Dad comes storming after me, yelling at us, calling us... well. I'm not sure which way he meant it. He could have been calling us "chickens," like someone speaking English might call someone else a "stupid goose," or he could have been calling the both of us whores. Which, you know, is uncalled for, even from (or hell, especially) from your father.

Ah well. Some things must be put up with, if just for now. It just looks like my house is out for future events. A return to the old norm.

Anyway! That wasn't the point of this entry. The point of this entry is that I saw this on ONTD yesterday, and found it funny. :)

Steph actually wanting to see a horror movie, wat? :O

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