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And so the world returns it its.... normal wordly self

=.= Why. am. I. up. at. 7. in. the. bloody. morning?!

Oh yeah. Daddy decided he was sorry and came over to give the not-exactly-apologize-but-try-to-make-things-better-with-his-daughter-anyway speech.

*shrug* It's the most I can expect from him. I'm grateful for what he's willing to give. Of course, no conversation between the two of us is ever complete without mention of school, studying, work, etc. (Same with my mother, come to that... oO) so.... Mari, I'm to ask to borrow your calculus notes/tests.

....Do you even take notes?

Anyway. I'm up. And I can't go back to sleep. *flops over* I went to sleep at 2 in the bloody morning. Why am I not dead on my feet?

Oh, it's kicking in now. *flops over onto desk* Maybe if I try really hard now, I can go back to sleep... *crawls back to bed and slumps down onto it* Goo'night.

PS. Thank you. All of you. I literally went on LJ this morning, stared at the number of comments I'd received, read them all, then started bawling. I love you people.
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