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So I was linked to something...

An article about a game. The game was... uh... well. Doesn't really matter. Deep Space, Dead Space... eh.

Anyway. So I didn't notice the article, I just noticed the ad. (Who says they don't work?) Printscreened for your viewing pleasure (sorry it looks like shit, cropped it quickly in Paint)......

Does it look familiar?

!!! Everything's the same! (Okay, not quite, but I can't screen web ads for TSCC that no longer exist in which they do look exactly the same.) Right down to what is basically the same endoskeleton (I watched them peel off several faces to make sure--I guess since they're both modeled after human bone structure, there's not much deviation there) and setup and exact gray tone that TSCC used for their web ads and the similar fonts and the colors and the... *boggles*

...Okay, so this is probably old news since the movie comes out tomorrow. But my LJ, my rules, and do you know how little contact with reality I keep?

Besides! It was like someone decided "Hey, you know Cameron from that show that got canceled 'cause Fox is the king of asswipes? Ever wanted to be her? Yeah? ME TOO. Oh man let's make a movie about how awesome it'd be if everyone could be her. Oh, that wouldn't sell? What would? C'mon, think of a franchise--hey. Hey, hey, check it--Bruce Willis. We'll Die Hard our way through! Yeah? Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh."

Not exactly what I meant when I was hoping for a TSCC movie sequel. ^^;

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