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So I have a billion and one things to do (not least of all sleep) now that I can properly post and... do all sorts of online-y goodness, but, since I've already started the trend on facebook and twitter, I might as well continue on a good thing. This is brought to you because of a conversation I had with midgarangel wherein the conversation turned to cosplay and the makeup that must go with it (...well, if you're going to cosplay someone as glee-worthy as Miwako anyway--who doesn't wanna be preeeeetty then? :D) wherein I gushed way, way, waaaay too much about Lime Crime's Magic Dust eyeshadow pigments.

And because I've since looked in my inbox and found Team Candyfuture-centric emails that got me thinking way too much about it all over again. Namely that now they come in double the magic which makes me ridiculously happy, and second, that they've released the new Candyfuture lipsticks.

They make me ridiculously happy. (If you want to look at the rest of the colors, you can find them on the site.) Not so much to go on myself, because heaven knows I don't know the first thing about putting color on my lips without looking like an ogre, but lipsticks of quality in wild colors that aren't from the dollar store and make you wonder just what kind of cancer you're catching? The future just got happier. (^_^)/ I'm loving that this happened just in time for Halloween.

...Which brings me to another question. Just what is there to do on that day now that we're too old and grizzled for candy-hunting anyway?

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