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08 November 2009 @ 01:59 am
...So, I keep having the strangest feeling that there are a lot of things that I'd been wanting to write about in my LJ... and yet now, with the open window sitting before me, I've got... well, pretty much zip. The joys that is my brain.

Anyway, I'll settle for the highlights as I remember them. Life is, for the moment, smoothing out (this, of course, will last approximately a day to a couple of days because there are exams and phases of giant term project due dates on the horizon) quite possibly due to mental procrastination. I've been getting results back from the hellish ordeal of the first wave of midterms/projects, and surprisingly, they balance out. I got some ridiculously bad marks (one 68 or 69, equally bleh) and some ridiculously good ones (98 on a term project) so they all flow into one big sigh of relief.

I re-read all of Harry Potter. I couldn't remember how it ended and that bugged me, especially since I had the vague feeling I remembered it to be good. And so I did. And I loved it all over again. The series has its slow, urgh-inducing moments (Order of the Phoenix will always be pretty bleh to me) but all in all, wonderful. I cried throughout most of the last book.

I'm still trying to rebuild my archives of stuff I had stored on Ebony. I've deduced that one large chunk of it is pretty much all my Gackt files (*tear!!*) and my raw doujinshi scans. ;o; And I was so proud of how many I had (if, perhaps, not exactly the content of most of them... tiny!child!girlish!Cloud is and remains to be skeevy as all hell), because a lot of it was about just having them, you know? (...That, and some of them were really, really good.)

And lastly... I miss people. Recent days have shown me yet again how easily I just let people slip away, and how much I don't want that to happen, and yet don't do anything to keep it from happening. :( But I'm gonna make an effort! No more of that if I can help it!
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Stephanie: whoashitmirroredsakura on November 8th, 2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
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Stephanie: mommy in a dressmirroredsakura on November 8th, 2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
As in... actual carpal-tunnel inducing? Because. um. ow. But urgh, to be so prolific. I can barely put three paragraphs to paper, and those three already being rewrites, not anything new! Fail Steph is going strong.

I always wish I could do that. The last time I tried learning to play pool, we somehow ended up dueling with pool cues. I think it's just not meant to be.

Nice! What kind of job is it?

As for me... well, I'm boring. Trawling through school, haven't gotten a callback yet re: job-hunting, splitting any time off between RP, playing video games, and playing video games with the boyfriend. Usually to the amazement of others, because dude, did you know there are girls on the internet??

Also, HEART. I love Dollhouse, even if I will never forgive FOX for axing TSCC in favor of it. I ALSO CAUGHT UP ON LIKE TWO SEASONS OF SPN BECAUSE I MISSED YOU. And I had to watch them on horrible little streaming-quality screens BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.
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Stephanie: micemirroredsakura on November 8th, 2009 11:59 pm (UTC)
You and the boyfriend both. Geesh, you people... D:

I was trying to learn from my cousin who... as I recall, wasn't all that good himself. It was a lost cause. And the only thing that could be done then was a duel to the death, obviously.

I'd be happy with that, frankly. My life is awash with inactivity, and while most of it is for good reason (e.g. studying purposes) my ability to open sticky jam lids has been seriously compromised. :(

I actually don't have an Xbox. It's the one platform I'm seriously lacking in because a long time ago I sold my soul to Playstation, and even now I still have problems letting go. (...The unwillingness to spend more money might well be a contributing factor.) I play a lot more PC games these days, and am on Steam for large portions of forever every day.

School is going good for now, thank goodness. I have two more terms after this before diploma time, here's hoping they all fall into the right semesters. And I like it. It's a good feeling, being confident about yourself again. And right now I'm making a slightly lackluster performance over at luceti, mostly because I've long realized my characters are big with the reactive, not so much with the proactive coming-up-with-stuff-to-do-when-nothing-actiony-happens-to-them, sigh. Whichever way you go, I'd probably want in. It'd be ace, hanging with you again. :D

As for Dollhouse, it's kind of meh in the beginning, a little too slow, but I do like the development, especially when they stop focusing solely on Echo and her special specialness. I still haven't seen much of anything about Vampire Diaries and True Blood though I meant to, since I've heard good things about them, I just couldn't get into the books so I've been lazy about looking in on the shows. And. There are vampires. No more Buffy in my life, I need a new fix. :D