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That was a week that flew past way too quickly, and dragged on way too slowly, all at the same time, eesh. Proposal is done and in, presentation dates are signed up for, finance quiz is over and done, yada yada yada. Look how school wreaks havoc on your sense of time.

Speaking of which: so, had class today. Now, while it's billed as a 3-hour class, it never actually goes for three hours... just as well, since traveling home by bus is an hour long... and most of that hour is of the standing-and-waiting-for-the-bus-on-cold-dark-creepy-street-corners variety. Anyway, it also makes the class seem very not worthwhile to go to, since today's lasted about an hour and fifteen.

I spent it wanting out, because in the midst of the teacher's discussion of the upcoming report that needs writing, he said these magical words:

"Use of American English will be considered typos."

(All right, so it's paraphrased slightly, I snapped to attention at about the time where he said "if you write c-o-l-o-r, that's a typo." And typos, I shall also add, are worth -5% per infraction.)

When I asked him to double-check this statement (because seriously? SERIOUSLY???) he continued on with "obviously! I don't want to read American! I'm not American! I don't believe in dropping bombs on stuff and playing wit--whatever, the point is this is Canada and a lot of businesses are touchy about that and you wouldn't see the newspapers using it."

And all I can think of is... are you a fucking idiot? You know, all discrimination aside, how the hell are you in fucking business?

Because I'm pretty sure in Canada, our English accepts both British and American, and is a really weird, awkward mishmash of both. And both are acceptable, so long as it remains consistent throughout the document. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure American English is internationally accepted as the language of business. *huff*

Anyway. All this? Madness. If he dares take off marks for such "typos" on my work... ~_~

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