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I'm full.

It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm still up so that I can write this post--and to let my hair dry a little bit more before I mash it into the pillow. I don't like sleepy while I'm full, but hey, early class tomorrow and I'd like to get as much sleepy-time as I can get between now and... uh... 6. x_X;

Anyway, this is a story that must needs be remembered. Mainly because... well. I had fun!

(This is what we do while waiting for other members of our party to arrive. We got caught up with all the Asian in the restaurant, I'm surprised there are no peace signs!)

So the parents went out a little while after lunch to Toronto and were staying out to have dinner there also leaving me stranded and alone in my house. I relate this to Dan while talking on MSN and he asks me out to dinner. Yay!

In Kitchener. Buh? So, I'm in Oakville, which is roughly an hour away. He comes out to get me, drives me to Kitchener, then a couple of hours later, drives me back?

...Yup. Pretty much.

But I had fun. First of all, I was awake the whole time in the car. If you know anything about me, this doesn't often happen. Secondly, foooood! ^___^ Sushi sushi sushi sushi sushi~ and apparently it was Tim's first time trying a good deal of it, which is always fun to watch.

Then my shirt decided to break, but I was epic and had a Leatherman and was able to fix it right then and there like ninja. Or some other character class that's... well-prepared... and... I don't know where I was going with that. :\

And now, now I've been equipped with a copy of Dragon Age: Origins which promises to be, if not my general preference of game, very, very pretty. But it will have to wait. Writing this has already taken half an hour, and I could've sworn I was going to write more sense when I started. Ah well. What is will be.


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