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Geek out!

I fouuuuuund it...! This is the purple jacket Summer Glau/Cameron wears in Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles which I've been drooling over ever since... well, I saw it. AND NOW I KNOW WHAT IT IS. *o*

...Now the only problem is the price tag. :| It originally retailed for over $1000 which, as anyone knows, is insane. But I found it here for like, less than half that. A leeeeeeeetle more doable but... but. well. geekery aside, I don't know how well I'd look in it. :| Leather jackets have never quite become me. But I love love love me some purple, even if not necessarily that particular shade. :D

And then it seems there exists absolutely no Rock and Republic size chart on the internet. None! Zip! Ugh! Calling it a "large" is a meaningless statement, especially coming from one of the leading suppliers of expensive skinny jeans. :(

In other, way unrelated news: I've got a presentation to make tomorrow. :O Haven't yet put it together. Just have to see how that's going to go! ^^;

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