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My internet, that is. And I know why this is so... I'm downloading the install for Serious Sam (Christmas came early!! :D!!) and it's hogging all my bandwidth. So I can't complain, and no one else around me suspects (...actually, they probably do, I'm generally the only bandwidth hog when we're not gaming), but it does make for hella slow browsing. Eh well, trade-off's a trade-off.

Anyhow, that presentation that I said I'd work on later tonight yesterday night? I lied, I made a title page and then went to sleep. I made the whole this morning and tra-la-la-lally, 97% even though I didn't put it together half as seamlessly as I'd thought it out in my head. So ha! win is me. :D Of course, once I got my proposal back, I was vastly not happy with what had happened. The rubrics had been changed! I pointed this out, of course, and that was changed. I argued for more marks due me, and upped the grade from a 74 to an 84--that was when he began shushing me away. I left, of course, but I'm pretty certain if I looked harder, I can find other marks that I shouldn't have lost. I'll have to look it over again because yes, I really am that annoying. I've had too many years of not pressing when I should have. No more of that.

Tomorrow's my doctor's appointment. Blood test is a go, which means I can't eat anything. But I waaaant a muffin. ;o; Vicki's been eating and eating and eating since she got home and I'm like *stares in sadness*. Doctor's going to scold me again. :( Steph has gained too much weight. The muffin is probably a bad idea anyway. I hope that problem with my liver isn't still ongoing though. :| Steph would like to avoid the death if at all possible.

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