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I got another review for Revenant the other day, one that really made me happy. It's been a long, long time since I've gone over that fic and worked harder than half-heartedly at it. I've never gotten much fanfare for it. I never get much fanfare period, which is fine. I write fic usually because I have ideas (...or did back then...) and they just wanted out.

So to be clear, I love praise. Who doesn't? But nothing can ruin a good work ethic (aside from hard drive failure, I hate losing stuff) like the feeling that the writing of it is no longer for me, it's because I just want to shut up those people who feel entitled to nag at me. (To note: this annoyance stems mostly from strangers who nag at me, not friends. If you're reading this and are worried, it's probably not you.)

I digress. My basic point is that with fanfic, I guess I'm inherently selfish. Sure, I accept all and sundry when it comes to concrit--I want what I come out with to be the best that I can do, and if it's done with good characterization, decent plotting, etc., etc. all the better. But I mostly concentrate on how the writing of it affects me--the usual stages; accomplishment, satisfaction, a 'look it was hard but see how I made it work?' feeling... I never really gave a lot of thought to the idea that I could actually affect other people with something like fanfic in a really big way.

But between this and the one reproduced below, it seems that yeah, guess what? I guess I really have. And over something that feels so small... It's eye-opening, a little mind-boggling, and I'm a little awestruck at the thought. I was touched and I was a little humbled, and I think this is a good thing. :)

I love the people who've reviewed Revenant. They put so much thought and care and all sorts of personal emotional squishiness into their reviews, it's utterly redeemed the whole of the cesspit that is for me. They make me think and they make me question myself, and I love that too.

Between this, and the love meme over at Luceti, and all these positive RP!S that I keep finding of my characters (late, terribly late, but postive!), life is feeling amazing, even if the school/general unpleasant life parts of are the same old, same old.

Determined! Soon as I'm done finals, I'm taking another look at Revenant. Clearly out some of that convolutedness would do it good, I'm sure of it. :)


A new review/comment has been submitted to your story.

Story: Revenant
Chapter: 2. Chapter 01: This Is How It Was

From: Vix3.16 ( )
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I'll be honest with you.

I didn't review the first chapter of your story, because although something about the beginning of it truly, deeply appealed to me and is making me start thinking -really- hard about things, as I continued, I wasn't sure I liked the tone that Zack used, or the language he spoke in, perhaps even not the things that he said. But that's because I'm so used to Zack being the cute, simplistically pleased and similarly pleasurable, fun guy to have around. Seeing him in a serious light is something so rarely done that at first I was adverse to your fic completely.

But after reading this second chapter, I've come to realize that it was not fair of me to jump to conclusions in such a manner. And I'm grateful that I did continue reading. Even though I was not sure if I would like what would come, I was intrigued by what you wrote, and the way in which you wrote it is very admirable--and I'm not just saying that. Though your language is conversational and flows very easily as you read, at the same time you have a grasp of language that is functional and educated, yet does not impede on who Zack is. In addition, the way in which you portray Sephiroth and Aeris is not merely in character, which can be said for many other authors as well, but you give them a realism without taking away from the quaint and pleasant aspects of their characters. You are capable of telling a story as is, without the fluff and the lacy coverings that often soften the blow. Yet even keeping to the legitimacy of the situation, you have found a remarkable balance for the aspects of humor and delight that do occur throughout your fic.

I can go on praising you for other things you have done, such as your fine use of grammar and punctuation, little to no spelling mistakes or other ailments in sentence structure. But I want to leave a personal comment about the portion in the first chapter--even though it was only a prologue--that really hit home for me, and took me completely by surprise.

-Pauses and muses for a long moment-

...the way that you said that one part. About how they were not a pair, not a group of three, but a group of four, and how that -worked- for them? When you said it, it struck me that you were absolutely... revolutionary as it is to me... you were absolutely... right. And for so, so, -so- long... all I see are pairs, pairs, pairs. All four of them get paired off with one of the others in every combination possible. Sometimes people go to the lengths of writing about them in a group of three. Yet how LONG have we been writing like that, and never -ever- did we really stop and think, "There's more to this than just two or three of them. There are four of them in total. And they are not meant to be apart."

-Sits back and shakes head- have opened up a new world for me, with that perhaps smallest insinuation. I don't think I could-- ...I hope I never again look at them the way others do. Because when you said it, you really did say it. They are "whole" when it's all four of them. And simple, perhaps even silly as that might be, it's that concept that-- this truly -remarkable- concept!-- that made me continue your fic. All the benefits I achieved from reading on, the pleasure as well in finding you a fine writer and a great storyteller, those are all bonuses for me. In the end, I thank you as a writer and a reader for posting up this story for some of us to read. I hope that it inspires others as much as it has me, and I thank you again for allowing me the privilege to read it. -Smiles and bows-
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In other news, my presentation? It was pretty meh in my opinion. I used the whiteboard, used the websites, but problems kept coming up and I screwed up a bunch of little things. At this point though? I'm riding the whatever train--which means I must be just. that. tired.

I still wanted to get the rest of this down though. So the boyfriend came to visit earlier this evening, and he drove out through the rainstorm, and the icky traffic and the fact that he was ridiculously tired so he could take me out to dinner. :) I always feel bad about it because it's so hard for him... an hour out, an hour in, and this is on the average (not quite best) day. Factor in gas, a V6 engine, really slow traffic, restaurant food being terribly expensive particularly if the place we went to is Mandarin, etc. etc. You see why, right?

But he came anyway, and it was wonderful. :) I miss not having him already almost 24/7 like I used to. Thanks for such an awesome day, boyfriend dear. ^_^!

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