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...So to clear up any misconceptions any of you might have, I'll up and state this now: I am not a stripper.

...Yeah, I don't know where that came from either, but apparently "it's a widely-publicized fact on the interwebs." I don't know if it was meant as an insult either because frankly? Steph definitely doesn't have the body to work any pole (because if you're going to do it, do it right), much less avoid getting laughed off the stage. And if I did... well. That's besides the point. :(

...Anyway. So. Today has been a stressful day of epic proportions. I am not a nice person to be with right now, I'll snark your face off, my god. >.< A roller coaster of mega funtimes, seriously, beginning and ending with roleplaying Faith.

So I get this one email, a lot of it being dumb and by now, considering my fledgling collection of hate-mail no long worth producing in fully.

And I hate how you've gone and made your Faith a total wore. Stop using her as your own personal soapbox sexgames and learn to live your own fucking life a little. She deserves better."

Wait what? Are you mistaking me for someone else? Because seriously, I think the closest she's ever been to any kind of sex log were two immensely awkward ones back in Toujours, neither of which were ever completed because of the massive comm deletion way back when. And if it's the flirting... wow, you've never watched an episode of Buffy in ever, have you?

Anyway, the above thoughts came much later when I could afford to be rational-thinking again. I, being the weirdly emotional numbskull I've been for the past few days, burst into tears in the middle of the school lab when I first read it. Odd looks were thrown. I went and hid. I'm so graceful.

And then! Mara, with whom I've started up a one-on-one email RP log (I owed her, she's been waiting for one since Toujours!) and who I've been slow in giving my last reply to sent me this:

Just wanted to wish you luck on your finals. I know everyone's freaking out about 'em, so I thought you could use a "Go, you!".

So, uh.

Go, you!

So much ♥.

...I love people. Seriously. Even the haters--there's always something to learn, and if there isn't? There's always something to put something better into perspective. :) I can afford to think this now when I've got less panicpanicpanic that comes of law exams.

The moral of this story? Steph would make a terrible emo-child and she is far too busy to be on LJ and trying to be coherent about it too. No fear, there is breathing time in the near future yet! :)

In other news: the phone rings too goddamn much (14 times within 1 hour? NO NO NO NO NO NO.) and my sister has the least comfortable bed in the world. Owwww.
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