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It's a little past 10 in the morning and already I'm having a bad day. Which is weird. Since it started off pretty damned good. Got to school in time. Did my exam--it was eh, some really dumb questions--got my textbooks sold off (also eh, but wtfever, I have no time/patience for other channels) and then my buses synchronized perfectly with when I left school/went from one bus to the other.

And then I missed my bus stop. Yes I know. My fault, I'm an idiot. And then the bus driver wouldn't give me a transfer, wouldn't let me grab the one I had back from his precious little trash can. And then it started to rain. And then I lost my book (i-it's one of my favorites). And then Dad didn't want to have anything to do with me so I found my way home by myself. And then I come in, say hi (he doesn't respond), and after I get back on the laptop, he proceeds to yell at me. About a sock.

...A SOCK. A single solitary sock that has clearly fallen out of the laundry basket when transferring from one laundry basket to the other, but clearly it's all. my. fault. So I get up, and put the sock in the laundry basket while he hovers. And glowers. And demands to know whether or not I'm blind, why don't I do something about cleaning up shit around here.

Yes. My room is a disaster area. We just got our windows done so stuff has been moved around and I've had too much to do with term reports and studying to do much about this half of the room.

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It's bad, I know. But after Wednesday morning (and probably a nap, I'll be slightly burnt out by then) I'm putting everything back to normal. But. You know. Patience is only something to be found in me.

...I miss my book. :( Now I need to go find the lost-and-found and I have never had good luck with lost-and-founds. *sad*

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