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Okay so, the new year?

Going strong with just a few noteworthy bumps in the road. :)

So this year I spent New Year's with the boyfriend. The original intention was a sorta-kinda-maybe idea to go to a party one of his friends was having. It was a potluck where you would bring in a food and a corresponding drink. I wanted to bring cookies and a carton of cream. :D (And then I'd bring coffee and sugar to go with the cream, but that's an aside.)

But as it was last minute, and we were lazy, we kinda went "...meh" near to the end and instead opted for staying home. We broke out the candles for eating by candlelight, and proceeded to eat our candlelit bowls of noodles. :) Oho, don't you laugh, they were deliciousness.

Post-dinner pastimes included us being the nerds that we are, and playing Killing Floor with other people online who also didn't have any grand epic plans to get drunk off their asses (hey, it affects your aim!). At about 11:55, we glance at the clock and go "hoshit time to go!" and hauled ass back upstairs to begin on setting up the celebrations. (This included one bottle of white wine, and me with my laptop with its clock.) At t-10seconds and counting, I, of course, started counting down. The events unfolded something like this:

Steph: ...5...4...3...
Dan: *laughs at Steph and comes closer*
Steph: ...2...1...YAY~!!! *flails around*
Dan: D: You were supposed to kiss me at midnight!
Steph: ...oh. Okay! *MUAH*

Not quite the same. But all that countdown and no cheering? Pfffff, I like my way better. :D

And then we went back to playing games. I do believe there were monkeys involved and balloons that were in dire need of popping. :)

This isn't quite new news, but it's new enough that I've only now come up with the energy of taking pictures... I have a new Sephiroth to join the clan, yay!! In honor of this great event, he would like to offer you some pie.

I almost didn't buy him but but but... that wing. *o* Oh, I couldn't resist.

I don't know where or when since it's seldom that I actually go about doing a full restart on my laptop. But last night, 'twas done, and I booted it back up to see a fake antivirus program popping up to fuck with me. D:

It took most of today to figure out how to get rid of it, and that involved messing around in Safe Mode which I, in my infinite lacking of wisdom, am not all that practiced in working with. But solve it I did, and after several hours of double-checking, it seems all is well once more. Hopefully. Yes. Phew.

In other news: grades from last term finally got posted up today, which is fail since the new term starts on Monday and instructors were to issue marks at most a week after classes ended. Way to be laaaazy. ;p My Buffy season 6 is finally on its way and I'm hoping for its arrival any day now. *o* TV and downloads are all well and good but when I love something, I feel its only right to support it by buying it. Y-you need not argue the logic behind this, Ronsen has tried many many times. My magpie tendencies will never change. ;o;
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