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After much searching and inquiry and lots and lots of waiting, my season 6 Buffy finally arrived today!! :D

...The searching and inquiring parts came about because I started my collection with the Collector's sets and damn it, switching half-way through to the slim sets or the single-DVD case sets would have been... well... ._. disappointing.

And the best part? Despite being ~$38, I only had to pay $8. This is what comes of hoarding Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks!

In other news, first day of the new term was today and oof, here we go again. That's the fun about blitzing through school like I've been doing... every term I'm stuck with a new group of people who have been together since almost the beginning and already know each other. It's not so bad if there is stuff to be done individually because heaven knows I ace at that kind of stuff. But this year's all about group work and going out into the real world and I don't know any of these people, nor how stupid they really are.

...That sounded meaner than I thought it would, but it's true! I have too much vested interest in too many different things to try and shoulder everything for a group I don't trust. And a lot of these people? UGH! It's advanced year, these people already have the credentials for a diploma, they should have least remembered some of the things that've been drilled into our brains every single class since Marketing 1. *holds head*

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