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Ish, Suki's birthday. Happy Birthday, honey.

Why does my Internet browser not like LJ? It takes me several tries to sign in, I can't see my friends page, I can barely force it let me post on it.... *hits* I think I need a new spyware program. This whole messing up my IE settings every time I restart my computer is just not on.

=.= Steph is sleepy. People continue to wake Steph up early every single bloody day. Steph needs her sleep. This whole sunny morning, birds chirping deal is very nice... but not for a whole week in a row.

Now, a list of what Steph hsa to do within the next few days...

1) Put finishing touches to Ally's present. Bah, why must epiphanies come so late?!

2) Finish Musical Interlude. I'm sure Aya gets impatient, even in the midst of running around Japan to go to as many L'arc concerts as she can. And Ran does her job of prodding me along quite well. ^_^ Now, if only I could write smut better... *stalks off to finish*

3) My gacktxhyde submission for the ficon. >.< So few days left! Have to work, have to work, have to work!!!

4) Finish giving away all the presents to the existing members over at Pieces. Yes, yes I'm still doing them. It just takes a long while because my Internet dislikes me.

5) Delete/burn stuff off my computer. This is ridiculous. I have about 126MB left in each of my three hard drives.

Well, Steph has her work cut out for her. *trundles off to start*

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