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Fly-by sadface

So I have another virus on my laptop. :( This one's being mean and nasty and not getting gone. Basically I have two options... or at least that's what it seems from all my reading and frantic hair-pulling: 1) backup my files and reformat the thing (and while the boyfriend swears he made backup ghost images of it for me, I could've sworn that was for Envy only which means :O what happens to my legit Windows/Office?) or 2) manually replace corrupted files which may end in much data loss and potential reappearance of said problems.


I don't even dare hook it up to the Internet because that's when it goes all "RAWR RAWR I TAKE OVER YOUR INTERNET EXPLORER AND WREAK HAVOC ON YOUR SOUL. >D"

But first things first: midterm in an hour and a half. Report section due immediately afterwards. I have half the stuff learnt for the first, total zip for the second. Oy vey. My life, it's going good.

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