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Fly-by guess what guess what?

I'm on a Mac! :O

I don't know how to use it! I've been asking people around me dumb questions like "how do I open a new tab? window? where did my tabs go? how do I turn this thing off? why won't this chat thing close? D: D: D:"

Mmm experimentation.

In other news, last night I noticed that the reason my laptop was reaching psycho high temperatures and then shutting down was because the fan wasn't spinning. Since the boyfriend was present, he went to look at it because he's rock awesome, and realized that guess what, Steph is a girl and so hair and dust has choked the fan to death. :( What started out as minor poking at it with bobby pins turned into him opening the case with various not-quite-useful tools. This is the list:

- bobby pins (x2)
- mini screwdrivers (x3 that came out of a Christmas cracker ages ago--lifesavers, one of the most useful things that came out of a dollar store ever)
- eyebrow tweezers
- slightly broken cuticle scissors

It was like doing open-heart surgery with a steak knife, an X-acto blade, and maybe a couple of party balloons. BUT WE SUCCEEDED. Ish. It's on probation now. ;o; My baby...

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