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Let's be bad guys

Warning: Subject header does not, in fact, have much to do with the rest of the contents of this post.

It's been awhile since I've updated my LJ and apparently there have been people who have voiced concern over whether or not I was still among the living. So, prompted by this and much boyfriend-nudging, here I am to assure you that yes, I am, indeed, of the not dead.

But I've been boring. Bored too, but mostly a great deal of boring. And not even the kind that can be explained away with actual content: RPing, for one, makes the real life friends' eyes glaze over, but there is actual stuff that comes of it. And I haven't been able to do much of that in recent days. To the point where even Faith is staring at a response she's got to make and making pretty much Missy's icon-face above at me and a "dude, I've got jack on this one." Sigh. It's just a lot of sitting around and applying frantically for some form of employment and having a steady stream of parental disapproval and disappointment to wallow in.

In other news, I ended up not going to AN. It would have been a long bus ride. Plus, I'd have probably ended up spending money on stuff I didn't actually want in the first place which, considering the current state of affairs, would be dumb.

And in other other news, another one of my external hard drives seems to have broken itself too. So... unless there's a way of fixing it, there goes all my music, what remained of my Asian music video stuff that survived the last hard drive crash, most of my backups of nearly everything that isn't new...

Yeah. Hasn't quite hit me yet. I'm a nice, pleasant, gray mass of empty and useless. I think I'll go back to figuring out how my room can get clean. o/

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