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sci-fi on ontd makes me happy

In other (hopefully quick news), I'm trying to step back away out of my enforced internet real life hermitism and fit myself back into the way of internet >>>>> other stuff. I keep hearing that other people I don't know watch my LJ regularly, so for you fine folk I will give a most abbreviated summary of why-I-disappeared-again/this-time. :)

1. Family issues
2. Real life character death
3. Boyfriend commitments (which occasionally include long hours of gaming grindwork)
4. New job
5. Resulting fatigue from new job
6. Time constraints

All fun, fantastic things that I would rather not go overmuch in detail with right about now. ^^;

...Except for the last part. Steph has finally found a job, after months, MONTHS! of searching. Minimum wage, beh work, beh everything else, but dude, employment at last. Which will, hopefully, lead to employment-during-school funtimes. :) What am I? Harvey's garnisher. The things people want on their burgers...

A more informative/actually interesting post is likely to come now that the reasons (read: excuses) are out of the way, but atm my nose is bleeding, I'm halfway through a phone call, I need to take a shower because I still smell like burger joint, and sleep because dang I'm still human like that. But for now... ~/o/

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