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So that real life

I got my paycheck the other day. After two weeks, I am now ~$120 richer. Alas and alack that this is not really enough, particularly when I only really work about two days out of the week.

Throw into the mix a call from another Harvey's and off I went earlier this morning to an interview at another restaurant and scored the job. Whee~ To the joys of actual employment.

The boyfriend is out having ice cream with his new girl friend that he met at the gym. I am swinging between jealous!face "I want nummy dessert stuffs too!" since the two of us have not done anything of the sort for over two years, and "whatever." His little friend date, not my problem. Call me psychic but neither of these reactions are likely to rest well if the boyfriend comes back all bubbly :D!face over his snack and wants me to have any say about it.

I'm tired.
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