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so, gaming--oh and that real life

So I've been playing Global Agenda. Like... a lot. And while the hours I've clocked probably don't equal much in comparison with some (i.e. the boyfriend and his slew of level 50s and a whole bunch of the guys I group with), in between the school parts and the work parts and the work-at-home-for-school parts, that's a lot more than I probably should.

Voila! This week's schedule. Does this feel like my last term/most important term to you? :D Don't let all the whitespace fool you--it's valuable gaming time. Add in the fact that I'm averaging 3AM bedtimes, 8-9AM wakeups, considering dropping $30 so that I can get extra XP and more shiny items makes me =_= at myself and remember ye olde Ragnarok days. Except with more willingness to pay money to play things. Eek. So about those school projects. And that exam I just wrote not-knowing I had to write it today.

Also on the burner is that somehow I also have to get in my entry for tscc_las (I'm still in the running! Whee!) written up and sent in before Wednesday. I've only got a paragraph or two written up for it right now, and I can't use my skips anymore. Why oh why must I operate on stringent time constraints to come up with anything?

...Or have the right kind of keyboard. This one's nice. If only it wasn't permattached to the school computer. :( Writing fic in public is not my kinda thing. RPing in public is easier, but tends to lead to me beaming at the screen and clapping my hands in glee (truth). Not exactly subtlety at its best.

--In less depressing, but still game-related news, I'm a real shattercon now. :D It's like I'm finally useful! Now if only I weren't so easy to shoot down, I might be able to deploy it properly. Material farming time~

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