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24 October 2010 @ 03:23 am
i don't even  

2:03 AM - DP [Duo]: will you come tomorow? i'm going out with the girls in the afternoon, but afterwards?
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: what for
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: ? :)
2:04 AM - DP [Duo]: i could spend monday with you
2:04 AM - DP [Duo]: er, rest of sunday + monday
2:04 AM - DP [Duo]: since I have to work on tuesday
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: i see.
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: please define afternoon.
2:05 AM - DP [Duo]: well we're going for lunch, and then some shopping
2:05 AM - DP [Duo]: we should be done ~4
2:05 AM - DP [Duo]: possibly 3, but likely 4
2:06 AM - DP [Quad]: yeah i dunno
2:06 AM - DP [Quad]: not really sure if im up for 4hrs of driving
2:07 AM - DP [Duo]: spread betweensunday and monday?
2:07 AM - DP [Duo]: okay
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: i dunno, im not very happy either
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: not sure why
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: its sort of like an ... itch
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: one of those itches where you dont know where to scratch
2:09 AM - DP [Duo]: my fault?
2:09 AM - DP [Quad]: thats a functionally unhelpful question
2:09 AM - DP [Quad]: :)
2:10 AM - DP [Quad]: (none of the possible responses helps)
2:10 AM - DP [Quad]: nor do they explain anything lol
2:10 AM - DP [Duo]: and that's a functionally condescending answer :(
2:10 AM - DP [Quad]: if you think it's condescending then you would have known it was a functionally unhelpful question to start with
2:11 AM - DP [Quad]: it's like "does this dress make me look fat"
2:11 AM - DP [Quad]: it's a functionally useless question
2:11 AM - DP [Quad]: none of the responses tells you anything useful
2:11 AM - DP [Duo]: when i'm looking for a straight answer, yes it does
2:11 AM - DP [Duo]: as in this case
2:11 AM - DP [Duo]: but if you don't want to give me one that's fine with me too
2:12 AM - DP [Quad]: you're right, if that was it then it would be easy
2:12 AM - DP [Quad]: but straight and nonstraight answers always result ine me being wrong/bad
2:13 AM - DP [Quad]: and not only am i sick of it (when undeserved of course :P), it's serves no purpose to indirectly martyr myself lol
2:13 AM - DP [Quad]: martring has be done directly
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: usually cuz people (not you specifically but in general) are too damn dense to pick up on subtleties of indirect martyring
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: mostly because, if you had to indirectly martyr yourself, they were too damn clueless to pick up on the problem to start with lol
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: but i digress
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: "it's never your fault"
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: "it's always mine"
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: sooner or later, somehow, it comes back to me
2:15 AM - DP [Quad]: btw new pets in GA
2:15 AM - DP [Quad]: mini Elites
2:15 AM - DP [Duo]: i just wanted a straight answer from you
2:16 AM - DP [Quad]: and i want to protect myself
2:16 AM - DP [Duo]: because if it is i want to be able to change it/make it better
2:17 AM - DP [Quad]: let me give you an example of how that fails (for me) .... let's suppose your fault is "you dont clue into hints enough"
2:18 AM - DP [Quad]: not saying thats it, just giving a hypothetical
2:18 AM - DP [Duo]: okay
2:24 AM - DP [Duo]: i hope you have a good weekend then :)
DP [Quad] is now Away.

Well then what the fuck else am I supposed to do?
Current Mood: sadupset
meagainstar999chick on October 24th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a jerk to me...
Aerith ☆彡: GTFOmidgarangel on October 28th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
You did nothing to deserve this. :| He seems like he's being super douche-y honey.
(Anonymous) on October 28th, 2010 08:59 pm (UTC)
What a hurtful SOB!
No one deserves that! He is a thoughtless SOB as clear by every other post that he appears in too! You don't deserve to listen this his shit! Strong, beautiful, interesting women need to take charge and stand up for themselves!
(Anonymous) on October 29th, 2010 04:20 pm (UTC)
Told you it'd be my fault. Every time. Better to be at fault for something you can direct than to be at fault for something out of your control. Sure a loss is a loss;
but it's always better to have a calculated loss. These four above posts illustrate the point so accurately. I am a bit curious as you all seem to be so passionate -
it's suggestive that there is a "win" solution. I'd love to hear it (cuz after all, if there wasn't a win solution, then there wouldnt be a reason to be so passionately
offended). To help you all get started let's take a hypothetical "problem" of [a] "you're ugly" or [b] "you don't pick up on hints". The former is something that is subjective
and the target has zero control over and the latter is something that is recursive.

I admit I've not explored all the possible options (hence I'm asking in all seriousness here) but I can't genuinely think of a[n]
- honest & efficient
- useful (to help target improve/fix)
- directive (i.e., cant be cross-psychoanalyzed. Example: "does this dress make me look fat?" answer = "no"; cross-psychoanalysis: "is that the truth or is he just saying that")
- that doesnt result me in losing/being a jerk

But yeah, y'all flock like this isnt a guaranteed-lose scenario; we can all be armchair critics; providing a solution (or counter solution) would be far more productive.
Especially since I'm genuinely asking.

PS. In case you subscribe to the school of psycho-analysis: controlled losses = misdirection.