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2:03 AM - DP [Duo]: will you come tomorow? i'm going out with the girls in the afternoon, but afterwards?
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: what for
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: ? :)
2:04 AM - DP [Duo]: i could spend monday with you
2:04 AM - DP [Duo]: er, rest of sunday + monday
2:04 AM - DP [Duo]: since I have to work on tuesday
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: i see.
2:04 AM - DP [Quad]: please define afternoon.
2:05 AM - DP [Duo]: well we're going for lunch, and then some shopping
2:05 AM - DP [Duo]: we should be done ~4
2:05 AM - DP [Duo]: possibly 3, but likely 4
2:06 AM - DP [Quad]: yeah i dunno
2:06 AM - DP [Quad]: not really sure if im up for 4hrs of driving
2:07 AM - DP [Duo]: spread betweensunday and monday?
2:07 AM - DP [Duo]: okay
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: i dunno, im not very happy either
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: not sure why
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: its sort of like an ... itch
2:08 AM - DP [Quad]: one of those itches where you dont know where to scratch
2:09 AM - DP [Duo]: my fault?
2:09 AM - DP [Quad]: thats a functionally unhelpful question
2:09 AM - DP [Quad]: :)
2:10 AM - DP [Quad]: (none of the possible responses helps)
2:10 AM - DP [Quad]: nor do they explain anything lol
2:10 AM - DP [Duo]: and that's a functionally condescending answer :(
2:10 AM - DP [Quad]: if you think it's condescending then you would have known it was a functionally unhelpful question to start with
2:11 AM - DP [Quad]: it's like "does this dress make me look fat"
2:11 AM - DP [Quad]: it's a functionally useless question
2:11 AM - DP [Quad]: none of the responses tells you anything useful
2:11 AM - DP [Duo]: when i'm looking for a straight answer, yes it does
2:11 AM - DP [Duo]: as in this case
2:11 AM - DP [Duo]: but if you don't want to give me one that's fine with me too
2:12 AM - DP [Quad]: you're right, if that was it then it would be easy
2:12 AM - DP [Quad]: but straight and nonstraight answers always result ine me being wrong/bad
2:13 AM - DP [Quad]: and not only am i sick of it (when undeserved of course :P), it's serves no purpose to indirectly martyr myself lol
2:13 AM - DP [Quad]: martring has be done directly
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: usually cuz people (not you specifically but in general) are too damn dense to pick up on subtleties of indirect martyring
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: mostly because, if you had to indirectly martyr yourself, they were too damn clueless to pick up on the problem to start with lol
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: but i digress
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: "it's never your fault"
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: "it's always mine"
2:14 AM - DP [Quad]: sooner or later, somehow, it comes back to me
2:15 AM - DP [Quad]: btw new pets in GA
2:15 AM - DP [Quad]: mini Elites
2:15 AM - DP [Duo]: i just wanted a straight answer from you
2:16 AM - DP [Quad]: and i want to protect myself
2:16 AM - DP [Duo]: because if it is i want to be able to change it/make it better
2:17 AM - DP [Quad]: let me give you an example of how that fails (for me) .... let's suppose your fault is "you dont clue into hints enough"
2:18 AM - DP [Quad]: not saying thats it, just giving a hypothetical
2:18 AM - DP [Duo]: okay
2:24 AM - DP [Duo]: i hope you have a good weekend then :)
DP [Quad] is now Away.

Well then what the fuck else am I supposed to do?

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